Lifestyle & Productivity Tools
for Busy People & Students


Roadmap+ is about helping the busy person or student achieve their ultimate level of productivity. To us, productivity means doing what we must do, what we love - or would love - to do, and having enough time to relax. We're currently creating tools to help you do just that.


The Suite will be a number of apps aimed at supporting your quest for getting more of the right things done and reaching meaningful goals, whether you're at school, university, climbing the corporate ladder or working your own gig.


The Suite will complement the Magazine as a mechanism for implementing the theories and methods we discuss in each article. In most cases, each app in the Suite will incorporate multiple theories and practices that have been discussed so far or are soon to be published.


Our first mobile app will be available very soon. In the interim, discover the theories, paper-based practices and other productivity experiences in the Magazine.


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